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Dr Charles Gauci Kap Araldista ta’ Malta u President tas-Soċ. Mużikali Santa Margerita jippreżenta l-arma uffiċċjali ġdida tad-Djoċesi ta' Għawdex.

Heritage Malta presented the Bishop of Gozo, Anton Teuma, with the new coat of arms for the Diocese of Gozo.

The coat of arms was presented at the Bishop’s Curia in Rabat, Gozo, by the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta, Dr Charles A. Gauci, whose office within Heritage Malta’s remit regulates all heraldic emblems on the Maltese Islands. Anthony Scicluna, Heritage Malta’s Chairman; Noel Zammit, Heritage Malta’s Chief Executive Officer; Russell Muscat, Heritage Malta’s International Relations Manager; and historian Mgr Dr Joseph Bezzina, former Diocesan Archivist, were also present.

Tifsira (bl-ingliż)
The coat of arms is composed of various elements symbolising Gozo, (three hills arising out of the sea), together with a crowned standing lion, its hind foot resting on a globe. This latter symbol is derived from the Arms of the Blessed Pope Pius IX (1792-1878), who founded the Diocese of Gozo and Comino by virtue of the papal bull Singulari Amore on 16th September 1864. The shield bearing the Arms is borne on other symbols associated with the Diocese of Gozo, namely an episcopal mitre, a Latin cross, and a crozier.

Following the presentation, both sides discussed existing opportunities to further strengthen and extend collaboration between Heritage Malta and the Diocese of Gozo, particularly in the fields of education and research.

Coats of arms may be personal and hereditary, or impersonal and non-hereditary, as in this case. Despite the abundance of armorial bearings all over the Maltese islands, there was never, until recently, a local central authority regulating the granting or registration of coats of arms. In March 2019, the Office of the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta was established by Heritage Malta upon the recommendation of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Secretary.

(informazzjoni minn Dr Charles Gauci, kif deheret mill-press release ta' Heritage Malta).

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